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Benjamin Guidugli Confirmed - American Tens VIP Combine (Lake Nona)

American Tens is excited to welcome Benjamin Guidugli to the VIP Combine in Lake Nona.

We caught up with Ben to find out a little more about his sporting career and his journey to the American Tens VIP Combine.

Can you tell us a bit about your sporting background, teams, accolades and any career highlights?

I was all state LB in state of KY my jnr year, All state WR in state of KY my snr year, 2X Big East champion at university of Cincinnati, starting TE in 2 BCS Bowl games, Orange bowl and Sugar bowl 2X All Big East Tight End (2009,2010), Undrafted free agent made 53 man roster for St. Louis Rams in NFL (2011,2012), Stint with New York Giants in 2013.

Who's been the biggest influence in your sporting career?

My oldest brother Gino. Current offensive coordinator / QB coach at university of Cincinnati.

What excites you most about the launch of the American Tens League in the US?

Getting back in the arena of competition! I love competing and I have never stopped training! I still train the same way I did when I was playing D1/NFL football. The thought of having an opportunity to represent America in the Olympics gives me goosebumps! It would be the greatest honor I could ever imagine…more than the Super Bowl that I never won.

If you want to see more of Ben, stay tuned to American Tens #SearchingForGreatness

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