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Tens promises non-stop sports entertainment as Lander heads up 2023 American Tens Match Officials

American Tens is proud to announce former international referee Steve Lander as Head of Officiating for the 2023 American Tens.

Following an illustrious refereeing career spanning 63 internationals and 2 Rugby World Cups, together with a host of Six Nations and Tri Nations matches, Steve will be spearheading recruitment and management of Match Officials for the upcoming American Tens league.

Utilizing his wealth of officiating experience, Steve will look to develop a panel of officials that can support the exciting rule variations in the game of Tens. He will look to blend experienced referees with up and coming talent in order to develop pathways that enable the pool of officials to progress year on year as the league grows.

Having had previous experience with Tens, Steve is thoroughly excited at the progress the sport has made in North America.

“Although a relatively new concept in the professional sports world, Tens has spread rapidly and it attracts an exciting breed of athlete. An exciting product to sports entertainment, American Tens offers a new format to both spectators and athletes. We have an opportunity to reach out to new audiences both live and via media with great entertainment to draw them in. In my area I am seeking committed officials to join us and embrace the culture as we move forward.”

The 2023 American Tens league promises to be high paced and full of action and with the right personal officiating, the game will no doubt provide fans and sports fanatics with non-stop pure sports entertainment.

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